Hawaiʻi FoundHer


Brand Design
Web Design


February 2021 – Present


Alec Wagner
Naomi Yoshida
Ashlynn Miyashiro
Darien Siguenza


In February 2021, Purple Maiʻa Foundation, in partnership with Bella Hughes and Gloria Lau, began building an unprecedented program.

FoundHer is an accelerator program tailored specifically to the needs of Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and/or Asian women and mothers starting businesses in five core markets of Hawaiʻi’s economy: Tech, Fashion, Health & Wellness, Food System/Restaurants, and Keiki/Education.


My objective was to develop the initial brand elements (colors, type, voice) and design + build the website. The website's purpose was to 1) create awareness for the program, and 2) drive applications for cohort 1. Our target was 100 applicants.

The Process

Starting with the color scheme, I wanted to choose earth-tones that I felt conveyed grounding, elegance, and freshness. For the two primary colors, I settled on #C36A4E and #FED5A7. As an accent color, I chose #F5A666, and for gray, I stuck with Webflow's default #333333.

FoundHer color guide

Similarly, I wanted to choose a font that conveyed similar feelings, while remaining legible and varied enough to use as the singular typeface. I went with Montserrat because it is a widely available web font that checked all of the boxes. I particularly liked the availability of the 900 weight "Montserrat Black" for use in bold/dramatic headings.

FoundHer brand fonts

I was lucky to be working on the team with Ashlynn Miyashiro, a very talented illustrator and graphic designer. She designed our butterfly logo variants.

FoundHer logo variants

Using these brand elements and copy from the program partner, Alec Wagner, I assembled the website in Webflow. I took this opportunity to learn more about IX2 and experimented with interactions like page-scroll animations. These added a dynamic and lively feel to the site that, I believe, allow the experience to feel elevated.

FoundHer IX2 animations

Additionally, to showcase my motion graphics skills, I created the page-load animation using Ashlynn's logo design. This was my first time building a Lottie animation.

FoundHer website loading animation

To reach the final product, there were many iterations based on feedback from the rest of the FoundHer team.

Final Product

FoundHer final website

Metrics through application period

  • Website traffic: 1,600 unique visitors
  • Interest form submissions: 156
  • Application views: 1,133
  • Application starts: 549
  • Completed applications: 199

In summary, we were able to achieve a 12.4% conversion rate from the website (we can reasonably draw this conclusion as the application was only accessible via the website), resulting in nearly 200 applications— blowing past our target of 100 applications!

This project is ongoing.

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